3 years ago

is the anniversary of the accident that took my happiness away

is the reminder that loving myself is the backbone of loving others

is the day I started caring about others more than my own life

is the day I’ll never forget that at one point my heart escaped into a cave of deep dark depression

today, I celebrate the days I gained back the love I lost that day

It’s like…

I fall for you every time you enter a room

My heart melts with every note you sing

The question when we’re apart, when will I see you soon?

Night & day dreaming giving, receiving each other’s rings

And when I wake, I wake with a sting

Were we, I was too late for you to be my wife, and I your groom.

Was there any signs, situations, or chances?

Because all my love in reality I get are all in little glances



NBA Playoffs Throwback: San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks, 2003 Western Conference Finals, game 6

Steve Kerr and Stephen Jackson lead the Spurs to a come from behind victory in game 6 of the 2003 Western Conference Finals. The Spurs outscored the Mavericks 42-15 once Kerr entered the game. San Antonio outscored Dallas 34-9 in the 4th quarter and had an amazing 23-0 run in the 4th to turn a 13 point deficit into a 10 point lead. Steve Kerr was 4-4 from 3 point range and was vital in pumping life back into the Spurs offense.

The win sent the Spurs to the Finals where they defeated the New Jersey Nets 4-2.

i hate both teams but this was basketball at it’s best with an “old-timer” (Steve Kerr) and Stephen Jackson a hothead leading the Spurs into the Finals. Nostalgic